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The number of students from China studying aboard in 2008 will exceed 200,000

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The statistical data shows that there will be 5.5 million graduates from universities or colleges, and 14.85 million graduates from senior high schools in China. This means the population base of those who have the opportunity to study abroad will increase by about 25% over 2007. Experts have forecast that additional factors, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the inland employment situation, appreciation of the RMB and the development of new visa processes may lead to a 30% increase in students choosing to go abroad. The USA, UK, Australia, and Canada are the main destinations for these students

“Dream of the USA” Is Coming

In 2007, most Chinese students who want to study abroad prefer the USA. From 1st October 2006 to 30th September 2007, the U.S. Embassy in China has issued over 400,000 visas, including 51,546 students’ visas; the rate of acceptance for those who apply has reached 80%. Alongside scholarship, the project of visa extension combined with fewer limits for labor visas, the U.S.’ position is likely to improve still further.

Studying abroad in the US will be hot in 2008. It has become a trend that students attend American high schools. The American student visa process is improving, and so it will offer more opportunities, and more Chinese students can make their dreams come true.

The further development of this visa process, the serious employment situation in China, appreciation of the RMB and the strong growth of the stock market all combine to make America the most desired destination in the study abroad market.

All throughout 2007, numerous types of American education fairs were held in China. American schools are seeking to recruit Chinese students more than ever before, whether it is to a famous university, a common community college, even unknown American boarding schools. This simple fact ensures that those who “Dream of the USA” are more confident than ever before in pursuing that dream.

Advantages of scholarship and immigration

Beginning in 2007, the government of Australia began appropriating 1.8 billion AUD/yr for scholarship over a 5 year period. About 1.4 billion AUD is offered for 19,000 students in the Asia-Pacific region. Chinese students can apply to six different programs, including Masters’, Doctorate, junior college/diploma programs, post-doctoral study and so on. Academic assistance can reach up to 95,000 AUD. In 2008, this amount will be increased alongside additional programs to attract Chinese students. In addition, on 1st September, 2007, the Australian Department of Immigration issued a new immigration policy. Most relevant to Chinese students is a provision that allows them to apply for a temporary visa upon graduation. International students who can’t meet the conditions of permanent residence can apply for an 18-month Skilled-Graduate Visa.

The UK
Practicability is our aim

Education in the UK has enjoyed an extremely good reputation built over hundreds of years. The country is home to numerous famous universities, such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and the London School of Economics and Political Science. The length of schooling is short; a 3-year undergraduate course and a 1-year Masters’ program.

In the UK, tuition fees are a little higher, however as the length of schooling is comparatively short, the total cost is no higher than in other comparable countries. The UK is an ideal country in which to study in part due to its peaceful society. Courses can meet the needs of society, and employments projects are varied. Due to these advantages, growing numbers of students wish to study in the country.

Experts say that most Chinese students choose to pursue business and finance courses when studying in the UK. There is however an increasing tendency towards diversification of courses. These new courses are eminently practical and meet students’ new needs. Additionally, some courses offer opportunities for internships. In order to promote large numbers of generalists, many universities offer interdisciplinary business courses. This education further increases students’ opportunities of employment.

Advantages of a younger age trend and immigration

The Canadian expenditure on education per capita is higher than that in other developed countries, and this expenditure is no doubt one of the reasons diplomas from Canadian universities are famous around the world for the high quality they represent. The nation boasts over 90 public universities with more than 100 majors. Following graduation, international students can readily apply to stay in the country through temporary or permanent immigration. These twin policies; educational excellence and progressive immigration policies, will certainly attract ever more international students to choose Canada when they are exploring their educational future.

In addition, more and more students under the age of 18 are joining the group of those studying abroad, and so those studying internationally are quickly trending younger. According to data from the CEC, there are 20,000-30,000 international students in Canada who are currently studying in the country at their own expense. Half of those students are under 18.

Advantage of a “less-popular language”; Companies in Japan and Korea prefer “returnees”

In recent years, studying abroad in Asian countries has been popular due to their generally low tuition fees, admission requirements, and the advantages inherent in learning a “less-popular language”. While growing numbers of students are justifiably developing a proficiency in languages such as French, Spanish, and English, other students have found that they can develop a distinctive competitive edge by mastering some of the less popular East Asian languages.

In addition, many countries in the region have special incentives which attract students. Singapore has issued a very good policy for international students. If they obtain a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral Degree, and have a job for 3-month, they can apply for permanent residence. International students of national universities may obtain permanent residence even before they graduate. The number of those studying abroad in Korea is increasing by 25% per year. Some undergraduate courses can apply to derate 50% of the tuition fee, and several courses are taught in English (thus assisting students in gaining proficiency in two languages).

Experts say that Asian countries advocate indigenous or culturally-acclimated talent in order to decrease costs. For example, Korean companies in China want to recruit employees who had earlier studied abroad in Korea. The returnees have no language barrier, and know Korean culture very well, so they are helpful in furthering the operations of Korean companies in the Chinese market. Because of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the number of students studying abroad in Asia is expected to substantially increase.

Charming “Free tuition”, convenient visa for students of Science and Technology

As the largest European country, France is the most popular country for Chinese students in Europe.

The main factors allowing public universities to attract students include free tuition and subsidies for international students. Aside from public universities, French Business and Engineering colleges attach importance to the Chinese student market. From 2000, France has issued 8,000-9,000 student visas each year.

There are some new trends in 2008 affecting students wishing to study in France:
Students of Science and Technology can get French visas very easily.
More senior high school students and university freshmen study abroad in France to obtain Bachelor degree
In the interview at the embassy for students seeking entry into the nation, embassy officers pay more attention to two aspects: one is the purpose for studying abroad, and the other is the detailed projects of life after the homecoming of students.

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