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TalentMatch 2009 dominated by two Integrated Resorts

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2009年TalentMatch©招聘会 两大综合度假胜地占主导 “最佳适配”面试香阳学生表现优异

 TalentMatch 2009 dominated by two Integrated Resorts

1. A total of 82 interviews are conducted by Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World at Sentosa, both IR opening first quarter 2010.

2.Downturn or not, At-Sunrice graduates are being hired. 52% of the graduates are hired even before graduation.

3.On 24th June 2009, 20 partners from top hotels, restaurants and the 2 Integrated Resorts participated in the TalentMatch Culinary Career Fair to interview and hire quality culinary talents freshly graduated from At-Sunrice GlobalChef  Academy. Over 372 best-fit interviews are conducted right after the inception of 122 graduates.  

4.Executive Chef Christophe Christie from Marina Bay Sands says, “The graduates and students are so talented, energetic and passionate about the chef profession.  With the extensive F&B facilities and meetings and conventions at Marina Bay Sands™, the region’s premier integrated resort, we are actively searching for talent such as these students to be a part of our culinary team.” 

5.Resorts World at Sentosa boasts over 40 food and beverage offerings spread across Southeast Asia’s only Universal Studios theme park, a half-kilometre dining and shopping strip called FestiveWalk, six hotels and its casino. John Sloane, Vice President of Culinary Operations at Resorts World at Sentosa said: “With the array of exciting culinary options being offered by Resorts World at Sentosa, candidates are almost spoiled for choice of jobs at the Resort. I look forward to having them join us, because students from At-Sunrice Academy have been known to be great assets within the industry.” 

6.At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy partners with 77 F&B establishments, enabling them with a quality and well-trained workforce.  Chef Owner Francois Mermilliod of 7-months old Absinthe Restaurant at Bukit Pasoh Road, sure knows where to find his culinary talents. 90% of his workforce is from At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. Out of the team of 9 chefs, 4 are At-Sunrice’s graduates and 4 are At-Sunrice student trainees.  Chef Francois says that “Graduates and students from At-Sunrice are young with strong foundation in culinary education and most importantly, they are able to handle pressure in the kitchen very well.”

7.(INDIA) At-Sunrice’s mission is to develop GlobalChef pathway for its students from 25 countries. This pathway encourages the graduates  to work in 3 countries by the age of 30. A typical example is graduate Ramachandran Rajesh Kamel who comes from India, currently works in Prive restaurant in Singapore, a job facilitated by the academy. Upon gaining enough work experience in Singapore, Rajesh would like to  move to other Western countries to pursue a different experience, taking on the GlobalChef career pathway.  

(MALAYSIA) At-Sunrice’s mission is to develop GlobalChef pathway for its students from 25 countries. This pathway encourages the graduates to work in 3 countries by the age of 30. A typical example is graduate Pang Long Chin who comes from Malaysia, currently works at the Fairmont Hotel in Singapore, a job facilitated  by the academy.  Upon gaining enough work experience in Singapore, Long Chin plans to fly overseas to have a wider experience on culinary arts, taking on the GlobalChef career pathway.

(CHINA) At-Sunrice’s mission is to develop GlobalChef pathway for its students from 25 countries. This pathway encourages the graduates to work in 3 countries by the age of 30. A typical example is graduate Yeap Kam Foong, currently works in Original Sin restaurant in Singapore, a job facilitated by the academy. She came back to Singapore after working for Disney Cruise Line in USA last year.  “I would like to accumulate as much experience in both Eastern & Western cuisines to boost my global chef career in this dynamic industry,” Kam Foong said.  

9.Each year, the students contribute more than 750,000 man-hours to the F&B industry. The Study and Work curriculum enables students to enhance their classroom learning with on-the-job training to be industry savvy. Success is never achieved alone. At-Sunrice has always worked very closely with top industry partners. The industry partners benefits from the flexibility of our study and work apprenticeship and the training we provide for their employees – both of which help to contribute towards maximizing business yield.

10.Happening every fourth Wednesday in June, TalentMatch© is the place where the culinary and food service industry of tomorrow is created. As Singapore’s only culinary career fair, At-Sunrice’s “Best Fit” approach attracts international recruiters and culinary employers to our growing pool of industry savvy, aspiring global chefs.

11.Whether you are from the U.S., Australia, Caribbean, China, Dubai, Indonesia or Singapore, our invitation extends to you. If you are looking for your kitchen dream team, the best chefs de partie, specialty chefs, pastry chefs and commis cooks are raring to go every June! For more information, visit www.at-sunrice.com/talent_match.

12.About At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy    At-Sunrice has a vision to advance culinary art with integrity and meaning. We cultivate global chefs in a living environment of culinary authenticity, best fit apprenticeships and research. We deliver culinary art education by applying skills and recipes from East & West, Herbs & Spices, Old World & New World cuisines. Our courses are synchronized with Study & Work rotations at top hotels, restaurants and food services supported by partners who champion our students and alumni success. We create culinary products and sensory experiences for enrichment, education, increased yield for the environment
and for business.

13.The name “At-Sunrice” is often misspelled as “At-sunrise”. Hence, please note that the name “At-Sunrice” is spelt with a “c”, capital “S”, hyphenated, and that the symbol “@” should never be used to replace the “At” in our name. The name “GlobalChef” is always spelt together.


For further information, please contact: 
At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy
Ms Sheila Chua
Marketing Manager

DID: 6877 6991, Fax: 6336 9353
Mobile: 9760 5607
For more information, please visit
Online Apply please click!

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